Reactive Thinking in iOS Development


In a world where Imperative Programming is the most used paradigm, Reactive comes up to make our code more reusable, robust, and stateless. Learn what Functional Reactive Programming means and how it could help you with problems you have to face daily in your projects. We’ll present basic concepts and practical examples for iOS developers that will help you to start thinking in streams, observers, .. and mix them with cool Swift functional concepts.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Pedro Piñera Buendía

iOS Developer - SoundCloud

I’m Pedro Piñera Buendía, Electronic & Communication Engineer and iOS Developer currently working at SoundCloud. Swift lover and open source coder. I enjoy coding tools in my free time and projects like GitDo that I recently started working on to manage Github issues. I'm also writing a book about Reactive Functional Programming in Swift. When I'm not coding you'll probably be running or enjoying my family & friends

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Isaac Roldàn

iOS Developer - Letgo

iOS Developer at Letgo, will write more info later ;)

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