Managing Connected Big Data in Art with Neo4j Graph Database


The fundamental aspect of Vincent Van Gogh's artwork was his continuous research for colors. By modeling his journey as an artist in a graph database, we are able to make new inferences on different artists, cities, climates and other nodes that influenced the development of Vincent Van Gogh as an artist. Aside from the case of Van Gogh and his artwork, there remains unexpected connections in the world around us. This talk discusses the value of a graph databases for your own projects in revealing new insights from the connections inherent in your data.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Lorenzo Speranzoni

Founder, CEO - LARUS Business Automation srl

Founder and CEO of LARUS Business Automation, he's a pragmatic and passionate developer, both expert in software architectures and agile & lean methodologies. He's a Neo4j "evangelist" and he actively contributes to the development of some Open-Source project that are part of the Spring platform.

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