The recurring nightmare. Implementing cross platform in-app subscription purchases


We make money out of a subscription model and we want to allow users to subscribe from their mobile devices without leaving our app. Most app stores (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Phone Store) let us offer in-app recurring purchases in exchange for a percent of the price but that doesn't come without headaches. Unlike most one-time in-app purchases the backend piece is critical for subscriptions. Trials, expirations, renewals, hacking attempts... In this talk we'll see an overview of what to consider when handling different stores and some quirks and annoyances we'll need to deal with.

Language: English

Level: Advanced

Rosa Gutierrez

Senior Software Engineer - Plex

I work as senior software engineer at Plex, and have worked as backend engineer at Tuenti where I was also the official "baking engineer" and as Ruby on Rails developer at BeBanjo. Before that I studied Computer Science, lived in South Spain, Austria and London, dropped out of a PhD, worked as barista and was part of a chocolate startup for a few months. I like maths, big cities, reading, English literature and writing code, specially in Ruby and lately also in Go.

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