Making your conferences more memorable with Sketchnoting


You may have seen them at conferences: the professional artists who turn presentations into these awesome graphical artworks. But also the people who sit quietly with a notebook and some colorful pens who just make colorful notes with fancy pictures for themselves. You might even have envied them, thinking 'I wish I could do something like that'. Well the good news is: you can! No drawing skills required! Come to my session with a notebook and a pen, and I'll tell you all about sketchnoting, why I do it, how it's done, and more. After this session, your notes will never be the same anymore.

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Linda van der Pal

Developer - Finalist

Linda is a developer at Finalist, the founder of Duchess, Java Champion. co-organizer of the Dutch Devoxx4kids events and an active member of the Java community in general. She has been a Java developer for several companies since 2002.

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