Codemotion for Women Initiative

Fact: Less than 20% of attendee of tech conference around is made by women, and an average of 10% is female speakers – Geekfeminism source.

We want to change the rules.

Codemotion is a core women team, we do really care about diversity in Tech, we always believe that there is absolutely no reason women wouldn’t be able to attend a tech conference.

But nevertheless, there are some cultural bias we need to face.

Is the lack of women on tech conference panels a real problem? Yes, it is. And we try to make up for this by

  • promoting women application for our Call for Papers 
  • sign a Code of Conduct
  • invite great Women keynoting and speaking at our Conferences: Linda Rising, Jessica Rose,  Rebecca Parsons have already trodden our boards.

We want to make more! 300 free tickets for women in tech!

We are really  committed to create the most inclusive tech Conference ever: until 20/04 we are going to provide 300 complimentary tickets for women in tech, which will be our guests during Codemotion Amsterdam!

We are not looking for tech superstar, but simply women of any age interested in attend the best tech conference in Amsterdam!

Since there is only a limited amount of seats reserved, we will ask you to explain what are you expecting from Codemotion Amsterdam!

Spread the voice and apply now!


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